E34 The Unlock Moment: Nathan Furr – The Upside of Uncertainty

In this special Master Locksmith episode, I interview INSEAD Professor and author Nathan Furr, whose latest co-authored book, “The Upside of Uncertainty: A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown” is out now. Whilst the classic format of the Unlock Moment podcast explores a person’s life and career journey and dives into their personal moments of clarity, with The Master Locksmith episodes I invite experts in psychology, leadership and motivation to bring their ideas and guidance to help you, my listener, to find your own Unlock Moments.

Most people – especially leaders – view uncertainty as a negative, something anxiety-inducing, stressful, even paralysing. But what if uncertainty could be transformed to produce a wellspring of new ideas and fresh approaches, while turning fear into courage, paralysis into resilience, and converting change-resistant people into adaptive, risk-taking innovators? This is not dream thinking. It is based on the actionable, research-backed framework developed and taught by renowned INSEAD Professor and corporate advisor Nathan Furr, a global authority on leadership, strategy, digital transformation, and disruptive innovation – and one of the world’s foremost experts on managing uncertainty.

Listen in and hear how to navigate uncertainty in your own life and career!

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