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About Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD

Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD

Dr Gary Crotaz is something of an expert in career change, having trained as a doctor, worked in science, strategy consulting and senior corporate leadership, and travelled the world as a professional ballroom dancer. These days he’s an executive and mindset coach and has coached clients in more than 15 countries, specialising in activating their unique talents and strengths to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals. The IDEA Mindset is his tried-and-tested blueprint for designing your dream career, developed from what Gary learned on his own fascinating journey to career fulfilment. Gary lives in the UK with his wife, Mildred, and their fluffy dogs, Mochi and Beansprout.

He is a brilliant questioner, often drawing out new insights from his podcast guests who find the experience fascinating and enlightening.

As well as his work on The Unlock Moment, Gary is also a co-host of The Coacharium, the pocket-sized podcast for leaders who coach.


The IDEA Mindset

Dr Gary published his book ‘The IDEA Mindset’ early in 2022. The IDEA Mindset is a way of thinking that will lead you towards a deeply fulfilling life, based around the four core principles of IDENTITY, DIRECTION, ENGAGEMENT and AUTHENTICITY. He’s been developing the foundations of a programme that helps people access this mindset for almost 20 years.

Over the course of six fun, intensive weeks, you will gain a profound understanding of your natural strengths. You will design a working life that enables you to reach your fullest potential, that excites you every day and delivers on what you need from your work – emotionally, logistically and everything in between – and you’ll draw up a clear and comprehensive plan for how to get there. Finally, and most importantly, you will access the confidence, clarity and calm that comes with knowing where you’re going, and why: your IDEA Mindset.

What does success really look like for you? In order to take control of your future, you need to know what practical steps you can take. ‘The IDEA Mindset’ gives you those practical steps. Its six-week programme is built around the four essential elements of a happy, fulfilling working life:

IDENTITY: Clarity about who you are, what you stand for, your strengths and the issues that matter to you.

DIRECTION: Clarity about the path ahead of you, what your long-term career goals are and knowing which way you’d turn when faced with a choice.

ENGAGEMENT: Your level of connection with your life and work. How enthusiastic you are about the day ahead and how much of a sense of fulfillment you feel at the end of the day.

AUTHENTICITY: Clarity about how your behaviour and choices at work connect with your values and sense of purpose. Your level of emotional connection with your life and work, your passion.

The IDEA Mindset will help you to:

  • Identify your unique strengths and understand how they can be harnessed for a genuinely fulfilling career
  • Design a working life that enables you to reach your fullest potential and excites you every day
  • Develop a detailed Action Plan that will lead you through the process of achieving that working life
  • Gather the right kind of support from the people who will help you achieve it
  • Build the resilience to keep going on your journey when you meet challenges and obstacles