E32 The Unlock Moment: The Master Locksmith Masterclass – Finding Happiness

In this Master Locksmith Masterclass, Dr Gary Crotaz switches from interviewer to expert, sharing content from his book about figuring out the path ahead, The IDEA Mindset. This Masterclass is all about Finding Happiness. He dives into the elements of IDEA – Identity, Direction, Engagement and Authenticity – and shows how they come together to help you intentionally design a life you love and that connects with your values and purpose. The Masterclass features memorable extracts from conversations with his guests on The Unlock Moment podcast, so you can hear how these topics show up in real people’s stories of remarkable change.

Discover more about The IDEA Mindset at The IDEA Mindset and explore the other episodes of The Unlock Moment to hear more from Dr Gary’s guests.

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