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The Unlock Moment

a long-form interview podcast about discovering remarkable life and career clarity, with Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD

Downloaded in more than 60 countries

“…a whole different layer of depth I rarely encounter…”  Listener review

Featuring top names including: Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Mark Goulston, Morag Barrett, Patrick McGinnis, Tayo Rockson, Nathan Furr, Simon Alexander Ong, Russell Grant, Joanne Clifton and many more!

I’m Dr Gary Crotaz, executive coach, author of ‘The IDEA Mindset’, and expert in personal and professional change and growth.  I’ve done my fair share of career changes, from doctor to executive to professional ballroom dancer.

The Unlock Moment is that flash of remarkable clarity when you suddenly know the right path ahead. In this podcast, I’ll be meeting and learning about people who have accomplished great things or brought about significant change in their life.  We’ll be finding out what inspired them, how they got through the hard times and what they learned along the way that they can share with you.

If English is not your first language then you can now find ‘The Unlock Moment’ on YouTube, select Closed Captions (CC) and in Settings select Auto-translate and the language of your choice from over 100 options.

Featured Episodes

Marshall Goldsmith2

In a remarkable conversation, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, widely recognised as the world’s leading executive coach, discusses his new book The Earned Life and how you can shed the obstacles and live an earned life that is too fulfilling to dwell on the ‘what ifs’.

Morag Barrett2

Leading executive coach and three-times best-selling author on workplace culture and relationships, Morag Barrett talks about the future of leadership as we emerge from the global pandemic, her perspective on the future-proof workplace and her new book ‘You, Me, We’ on the ally mindset.


INSEAD Professor and corporate advisor, Nathan Furr, discusses his new book The Upside of Uncertainty, a guide to finding possibility in the unknown so that you can have the courage and resilience to calmly step into new things and take action.

Diversity, inclusion and anti-racism thought leader, speaker and hit podcaster Tayo Rockson talks about how a near-death experience turned fear of failure to fear of not achieving his potential, a mindset shift that changed his life.

World Ballroom Showdance Champion, Strictly Come Dancing Champion and musical theatre star Joanne Clifton describes in compelling and sometimes shocking detail the journey she took to becoming world champion. It brings new context to her extraordinary reserves of strength and fortitude and contains a powerful message about courage, resilience and self-worth.

Celebrated British-Ghanaian actor, model and entrepreneur Adwoa Akoto talks about finding purpose, authenticity and impact through her creativity, performance and business acumen.

Maika headshot

Celebrated former co-host of Gallup’s multi-million-listener Theme Thursdays podcast, Maika Leibbrandt shares her reflective and powerful insight about finding her unique voice and the realisation that finding freedom is about much more than just quitting your job.

Chief Executive, Principal and Artistic Director of the world-renowed Rambert School, Amanda Britton, talks about what managing extraordinary disruption through the pandemic taught her about leadership, culture and values.

TV personality, star of Strictly Come Dancing, actor, author and astrologer Russell Grant, talks about how Strictly Come Dancing helped him recover from a dark time in his life and to rewrite the public’s perception of him.

Three types of episode to discover

The Unlock Moment Podcast Cover TUM

The Unlock Moment

The classic episode in which I’m meeting and learning about people who have accomplished great things or brought about significant change in their life. We’ll be finding out what inspired them, how they got through the hard times and what they learned along the way that they can share with you.


The Unlock Micro-Moment

Pushed for time? In The Unlock Micro-Moment episodes I feature a short bite-sized extract from a long-form interview so you get just the content you need, no wasted words. Only got a few minutes? This is the episode for you.


The Master Locksmith

Feeling stuck? In The Master Locksmith episodes I bring you world-leading experts in psychology, motivation, coaching and personal growth to help you discover the keys to your own Unlock Moment.

Which episode is for me?

    • If you’re figuring out how to be happier, listen to Episode 1: Samuel Haughton – Choosing Happiness, and find the Unlock Micro-Moment for Sam too
    • If you’re figuring out how to take control, listen to Episode 2: Marietta Melrose – Taking Control
    • If you’re figuring out how to reinvent your personal brand, listen to Episode 3: Dana Williams – Continual Reinvention
    • If you’re figuring out how to pivot so you can excel, listen to Episode 4: Mariko Cantley & Nazar Batih – The Power of a Fresh Perspective
    • If you’re figuring out how to get comfortable with more risk, listen to Episode 5: Micah Lorenc – You Don’t Always Have to Play Safe, and find the Unlock Micro-Moment for Micah too
    • If you’re figuring out how to become an awesome listener and leader, listen to Episode 6: Dr Mark Goulston – Catching People When They Fall
    • If you’re figuring out how to have more open conversations about how you’re feeling, listen to Episode 7: Wendy Willard – ‘SLATHY’ – A Way To Talk About When It’s Not OK
    • If you’re figuring out how to balance a portfolio of activities, listen to Episode 8: Serena Kern-Libera (Segiri) – Achieving Social Change Through Dance / Pop Music
    • If you’re struggling with not getting started with your side-hustle, listen to Episode 9: Hayley Thomas – There’s Not Always Time
    • If you need to overcome confidence issues, listen to Episode 10: Lauren Parsons – Finding Confidence
    • If you need to figure out how to stay calm when under pressure, listen to Episode 11: Tony Walmsley – Leadership Lessons from the Touchline
    • If you need to take back control of your life and put your health and happiness up there without compromising on ambition, listen to Episode 12: Alexis Knox – Restyling Your Life
    • If you need to raise your energy levels, listen to Episode 13: Simon Alexander Ong – Energize Your Life
    • If you need to rediscover your true self and get yourself out of a dark time, listen to Episode 14: Russell Grant – Strictly Spontaneous
    • If you want to build a better relationship with your children, listen to Episode 15: Dr Gauri Seth – Brain-Based Connection
    • If you are getting down on yourself and need to find fresh perspective, listen to Episode 16: Patrick J. McGinnis – FOMO and Finding Perspective
    • If you feel burned out, disconnected from who you really are and need to find stability to grow, listen to Episode 17: Nick Novak – Conquering Burnout By Acting On Your Values
    • If you feel like you’re facing almost impossible odds, listen to Episode 18: Chris Tibbetts – Drastic Action, 100kg Weight Loss To Save Your Life
    • If you feel under pressure to conform and want to forge your own path, listen to Episode 19: Tayo Rockson – Use Your Difference To Make A Difference
    • If you need to define your purpose and create a culture that speaks to your values, listen to Episode 20: Normand Ciarlo – Create a Culture of Belonging
    • If you are building your career in a family business, listen to Episode 21: Brett Sammels – Forging a Future in the Family Business
    • If you are taking on your first senior leadership role, listen to Episode 22: Amanda Britton – Leading a World-Class Institution at Rambert School
    • If you’re battling through incredibly tough times to achieve an audacious goal, listen to Episode 23: Joanne Clifton – Before the Glitterball, a Journey of Extraordinary Courage
    • If you’re struggling to break out from society’s constraints in a role, or finding your feet in the orbit of a successful family business, listen to Episode 24: Dolly Waddell – Change The Rules
    • If you’re looking to find your feet as a leader as circumstances are changing around you, listen to Episode 25: Anthony Fletcher – Leadership Lessons From a $100m Healthy Snack Scale-up
    • If you’re looking for direction in how you create impact in this world, listen to Episode 26: Adwoa Akoto – Purpose, Authenticity, Impact – Discovering Your Path
    • If you’re in a vocational profession and thinking of alternative careers, listen to Episode 27: Amit Patel – Leaving Medicine and Creating a Peachy Future
    • If you’re taking on a CEO position for the first time, listen to Episode 28: Steve Woolock – Leadership Lessons as a First-Time CEO
    • If you’re looking to find your self-belief when others around you are doubting you, listen to Episode 29: Cinta Miller – How to Become Your Own Safety Net
    • If you just want to hear an incredible story of two brothers and their journey through tragedy to widespread acclaim in the dance world, listen to Episode 30: Anthony and Kel Matsena – Creativity Fuels The Journey From Darkness To Light
    • If you’re looking to reinforce your capacity for resilience, listen to Episode 31, my own Master Locksmith Masterclass on Resilience, featuring extracts from many conversations on The Unlock Moment
    • If you’re struggling to find a future life you love, listen to Episode 32, another Master Locksmith Masterclass on Finding Happiness, featuring many extracts from conversations on The Unlock Moment
    • If you’re trying to figure out when in the business lifecycle is the right time (and the wrong time) for your particular leadership talents, listen to Episode 33: Ben Prouty – Know When It’s Your Time To Lead
    • If you regularly feel uncomfortable in the midst of a highly uncertain world and working environment, listen to Episode 34: Nathan Furr – The Upside of Uncertainty
    • If you want to hear one of the world’s leading executive coaches talking about the leadership styles required to carry us out of the global pandemic, listen to Episode 35: Morag Barrett – The Future-Proof Workplace
    • If you simply want to spend an incredible 45 minutes in the company of the world’s leading executive coach, listen to Episode 36: Dr Marshall Goldsmith – The Earned Life
    • If you want to find a sense of inner peace when all around you is chaotic, listen to Episode 37: Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz – Finding the Silence
    • If you want to learn about creating a purpose-led culture, listen to spacetech CEO Ryan Hartman in Episode 38: The View From 100,000 Feet
    • If you want to ask bigger and better questions when figuring out your purpose in life, listen to Episode 39: Seth Goldenberg – Radical Curiosity
    • If you’re the first in your family to do something remarkable then listen to pioneering business leader James D White in Episode 40: Anti-Racist Leadership, A Personal Journey
    • If you’re a senior leader looking to develop a powerful and high-engagement corporate culture then listen to former WD-40 Company CEO Garry Ridge in Episode 41: Transforming Culture Through Servant Leadership at WD-40
    • If you’re feeling like a ‘happy prisoner’ in a great corporate culture and want to find your freedom then listen to celebrated coach Maika Leibbrandt in Episode 42: Finding Fame, Finding Freedom
    • If you’re a military veteran navigating the challenges of transition into civilian life, or in another vocation and managing a significant career change, listen to former Blackhawk helicopter pilot Kevin Sullivan in Episode 43: Transitioning from Military to Civilian with the Military Career Coach
    • If you’re keen to unlock your potential to make a difference to others then listen to University of California Berkeley faculty member Alex Budak in Episode 44: Becoming a Changemaker, Discovering Your Potential to Lead Positive Change